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03/13/14 Mary Glenney
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Soraya Chemaly

International Women’s Day

What is it about it that seems to bring out discomfort in so many people?

With that in mind, many women have had it with the sexism and underlying misogyny. We are only too aware of the spectrum of violence to women which is so affected by the psychological and cultural milieu. And MEDIA – you are the driver of that engine.

We are going to be talking about sexism in media and its implication with SORAYA CHEMALY, writer, thinker extraordinaire. We will talk about the global pandemic of violence against women. One out of three women in the world are affected by this virus. If this were the ebola virus, every area of the world would be mobilized to take action, but women as victims, not so much.

Then we will be talking with ARIANA BARER, coordinator of volunteer and education outreach program at Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) and co-host of “The F Word” on CFRO radio, Vancouver. Her particular emphasis and training has been on media representation of sexualized violence.

In other words, we are taking an opportunity to give information and education, so that hopefully we can break this cycle of violence. And at the heart of the engine, I repeat, is media.

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Interesting how Bryan Child's childish comment at the GMF live remote really riled Mary Glenney. I can understand why she was upset after hearing the comment, and Bryan should apologize. I also agree that Bryan probably violated that the station's style and content statements.

I'm a woman and proud to be a feminist. But I'm not proud of the tendency of some feminists to draw hard lines around what other feminists must and must not believe. Case in point: I don't believe that Bryan Child's comments on International Women's Day were by any stretch "part of a culture of violence". He was making a joke, and in the context of that day's show (where, by the way, he played 2 hours of music by female artists he plays regularly even when it's not International Women's Day), it was abundantly clear to me it was meant as light humor and not a barbed comment about women's thinking. I wasn’t at all offended, and I certainly didn’t feel Bryan was asking me or anyone to apologize for being a woman. Mary says at the beginning of the show that WMNF should be a forum for conversation. Why not include feminists with another point of view in this conversation then? Otherwise, it just feels like a few feminists telling the rest of us how we should feel.