From A Woman's POV tackles Florida Legislature's attack on women and new guidelines on campus assaults and rapes

05/01/14 Robert Lorei
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KRISTEN LOMBARDI, staff writer at the Center for Public Integrity

photo by Center for Public Integrity

This week on From a Woman's POV the following topics were covered:

The Florida Legislature is wrapping up its 2014 session – and as usual, assault on women’s bodies is in full throttle. EMILY CROCKETT, Reporting Fellow at Rh Reality Check, has been following the many states that are fearlessly defining life, and will give her analysis on Florida and some of the other states.

Alleluia! Some guidelines – finally – address campus assaults and rape. KRISTEN LOMBARDI, staff writer at the Center for Public Integrity, has been following and writing about campus assaults for many years, will give her analysis of the guidelines. I am quite sure she will look upon this as a necessary first step. On From a Woman’s POV, we have been following the assaults on women – be it in the military, the workplace, the college campus, high schools – and finally the guidelines coming from the White House underscore the severity of this problem.

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