Gadhafi warns against foreign intervention

03/02/11 wire services
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Libyan rebels have repelled an attack by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi at a key coastal oil installation in Brega.

Gadhafi's forces initially recaptured the facility, but a wave of civilian militias drove them out. At least six people were killed in the fighting.

Meanwhile in the capital, Gadhafi vowed his forces would "fight until the last man and woman." In the speech broadcast on Libyan state TV, he lashed out against Europe and the United States for pressuring him to step down. Gadhafi warned that thousands of Libyans will die if U.S. and NATO forces intervene in the conflict.

Senator Joe Lieberman is calling for the U.S. to arm the Libyan rebels.

But Defense Secretary Robert Gates is cautioning about even providing air cover for Libyan rebels.

Egyptian officials say two U.S. warships have entered the Suez Canal on their way to the Mediterranean, moving closer to the Libyan coast after orders from Secretary Gates.

Through an interpreter, Abd El Hafeez Hoga, spokesperson for the self-appointed interim national government in Benghazi, says officials opposed to Moammur Gadhafi's regime have formed a government.

A U.N. official said the refugee crisis has now topped 180,000 in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia.

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court says he is opening a formal investigation into possible crimes against humanity in Libya.

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