George Sheldon on why he wants to be Florida's next Attorney General

04/24/14 Mitch Perry
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Tags: George Sheldon, Pam Bondi, Perry Thurston, Charlie Crist, Kathleen Sebelius

Democrat George Sheldon has had a distinguished career as a Florida public servant. A former member of the state House first elected in the 1970's, he served in high ranking positions in the Attorney General's office (under Bob Butterworth) and the federal dept. of Health & Human Services under Kathleen Sebelius in Washington. He also was appointed by Charlie Crist to run the troubled Department of Children and Families several years ago.

Now the lifelong Florida Democrat is in the race to oust Pam Bondi as Attorney General. But he's got to get passed fellow Democrat Perry Thurston in a primary this August.

There were lots of calls about the Affordable Care Act during the discussion.

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