G.M.O.s [genetically modified organisms]

06/29/13 The Urban Cafe Crew
The Urban Cafe


The Urban Cafe answers to the 10 most intriguing questions concerning G.M.O.s [genetically modified organisms]

  1. Why are many people against the consumption of GMOs?

  2. What are some examples of GMOs?

  3. Why do these food giants opt for genetic modification?

  4. What are some of the concerns people have when it comes to feeding Genetically Modified food to our children?

  5. What countries have banned GMOs?

  6. Why do they want the animals growing bigger/faster?

  7. How does this impact the quality of the animal’s life on the farm?

  8. How does this impact the quality of the meat?

  9. How does eating this unhealthy meat [specifically] impact our health?

  10. After learning about the potential risks of GMOs why do we still eat them?

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