GOP Plan to Change the Electoral College System in Blue States and The ACLU of Florida Criticizes Governor and Cabinet Over Denial of Ex-Felon Voting Rights

01/25/13 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Thursday)


Good morning, Welcome to Radioactivity.

Republicans in Florida and several other blue states are planning to change the way electoral votes are counted in their states. They hope to increase the chances to elect a Republican president in the next election. Is the plan fair- and how far along is the process? We'll talk about that in a moment. We'll also talk with an official of the Florida ACLU- about how the state's new rules barring ex-felons from voting may violate an international treaty. We'll also talk about Hillsborough County's rejection yesterday of a domestic partner's registry.

But first one listener comment-- it was about two callers yesterday who were debating conspiracy theories. Here's what one listener had to say: tape

First up today--- This week the liberal think tank- the Center for American Progress issued a report saying that Republicans are planning to rig the next election---and that if the plan were in place today we would be celebrating the inauguration of Mitt Romney this week instead of Barack Obama.

Ian Millhiser is a Senior Constitutional Policy Analyst with the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Editor of ThinkProgress Justice. FMI

Millhiser writes: “If a Republican plan to rig the Electoral College had been in effect in 2012, however, it is reasonably likely that President Romney would be the one meeting with his new cabinet officials in the Oval Office. Under current law, most states allocate all of their electoral votes to the winner of the state as a whole. This Republican Plan to rig future elections, however, would change this in several blue states where Democrats are likely to carry the state’s full slate of electors. Texas, South Carolina, and other safe red states would therefore continue to deliver every single one of their electoral votes to the Republican candidate, while blue states such as Pennsylvania or Michigan would have to give away half or more of theirs to the Republican ticket. The result is a giant thumb on the scale for Republicans, enabling them to take the White House even when the electorate strongly prefers the Democratic candidate.”

Next up we're going to talk about two civil liberties issues--

Yesterday the American Civil Liberties Union told Governor Rick Scott and the Florida cabinet that it wants an international human rights group to review Florida's new restrictions on restoring voting and other civil rights to ex-felons.

The ACLU also joined other human rights groups yesterday calling on the Hillsborough County Commission to create a domestic partner's registry. The Commission narrowly turned it down yesterday in a 4-3 vote......

We’re joined now by Joyce Hamilton Henry, Ph.D. Director, Mid Florida Regional Office ACLU of Florida contact: 813-288-8505; Florida state parole office 850-488-2952

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