Governor Rick Scott guts even more programs with his red "veto" Sharpie

05/27/11 Lisa Marzilli, Beth Bell
Last Call Friday | Listen to this entire show:

On Thursday Governor Rick Scott travelled to The Villages, a Tea Party stronghold, to sign the $69.1 billion dollar state budget, but not before wielding his veto pen to slash an additional $615 million from it. Democrats were not welcomed at the budget signing; as the St. Pete Times reported.

At the urging of Scott officials, Sumter County sheriff's deputies escorted a group of more than a dozen Democrats — mainly retirees who live in The Villages — from Thursday's event at the town square. The reason? The $69 billion state budget signing ceremony was a "private event."

Staffers and Republican operatives searched the crowd of about 200 looking for people holding anti-Scott signs. They were noted and asked to leave. Those with pro-Scott signs were allowed to stay.

On today's Last Call we discussed the potential negative affects the budget could have on the state for years to come. The cuts included money to fund a homeless veterans program and children's programs like the Boys and Girls Club and Head Start. State universities also suffered another hit. Scott also vetoed close to $5 million in public television and radio funding - directly affecting WMNF Community Radio to the tune of about $70,000.

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