Greener Tampa Businesses and Bay area Biking

04/14/14 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:
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We started the WMNF Sustainable Living program with a short piece on a project to construct edible gardens in juvenile detention facilities around Florida. They would be maintained, and the food consumed, by the children on site. Kate Hamilton, a law student at Stetson University, joined the show to talk about the challenges of doing a project like this in a privatized prison system. Next up, Jenna Civitello with Sustany Foundation, a local group that promotes sustainability, joined the show to talk about the Tampa Green Business Certification that they’re sponsoring. One of the participating merchants in the program, Michelle Deathrage with the Duckweed Urban Market, talked about what this program’s affect on her business has been. Part of the program is to match up college students with business owners, and one of the students with the University of South Florida, Tessa Schreiner, talked about the project she’s been involved with. The Tampa Downtown Partnership is a sponsor in the Green Certification program and Karen Kress with the partnership joined the show to talk about cycling in the Tampa Bay Area. Tampa is starting a Bike Share program and Eric Trull joined us to talk about this; and both talked about bike safety issues.

Kate Hamilton

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