Greg Palast and Terry O'Neil talk bout the importance of women voters in the upcoming elections

10/18/12 Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Greg Palast, investigative journalist extraordinaire (muckraker) who is the author of many books including THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY, ARMED MADHOUSE. and VULTURE PICNIC discusses his latest book BILLIONAIRES AND BANDIT BALLOTS. We particularly focused on the extraordinary number of citizens for many reasons-purging, caging, spoiling, ejecting, blocking, rejecting prestidigitizing, tossing and stuffing who are losing their vote or being challenged about the legitimacy of their registration to vote. A many as 19 million Americans could be so threatened. Greg feels these numbers could determine the outcome of the next elections regardless of the popular choice. Terry O'Neil, the executive director of NOW the National Organization for Women, talked about the many ways that women's vote has been and continues to be threatened. The older, poor woman, as well as the young college student are perhaps most at risk. Add in factors of work schedules, single Mom's obligations to their children and the expected long lines at the polls on election day, they both feel the impact on this election could well be decisive. The outcome may, in their opinion, be more determined by the number of voters who for one reason or the other will be excluded from the vote. The true choice of the populace may be skewered since possible Democrats are disproportionately excluded. The book is published by Seven Stories Press.

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