Gun Control Advocate Says Neither Obama Nor Romney Have Taken Strong Stand Against Gun Violence

08/07/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up today- in the wake of the tragic killings in Wisconsin of people in a Sikh temple by a white supremacist we'll talk with Ladd Everitt who is communications director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

In the wake of Sunday's shootings the CSGV issued a statement saying: "The gunman in Oak Creek, 40 year-old neo-Nazi Wade Michael Page, had much in common with other recent mass shooters. He used a semiautomatic firearm with high-capacity ammunition magazines. And he was able to purchase his guns and ammo legally despite a personal history replete with red flags. Page was an Army veteran who had been discharged under less than honorable conditions. He had a criminal history. Most importantly, Page had been publicly involved in the White Power movement since 2000. He was known to both federal law enforcement authorities and also anti-hate watch groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center. And this is just what we know after a few hours.".

Leveritt joins us now.

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Sikh Temple violence

Here's my opinion: I'm a gun owner and I don't want anyone forbidding or restricting my right to own a gun. I'm not looking for trouble but damn sure will try to stop someone else from harming my family or myself. That's my right, to protect myself and family. What's not being talked about is the fact that our government is recruiting, training and paying young people to go outside the country and kill foreiners who have not harmed them. Teaching them that anyone else, that is not American is a threat to their life, their mission and America. Those soldiers that accept that responsibility, which most do because it has been professionally and effectively forced into their minds, and those who are good at it, re-enlist or go private as paid assasins. When they come home, I think some cannot deal with a comparatively peaceful society and have strong feelings for the thrill of violence. The whole anti-Muslim thing is prime example of government propaganda. Could that be maybe a part of the problem? Government recruiting of young soldiers, training them to kill forieners and paying them for it, then re-introducing them into our society without erasing what they have been trained to do? Poor desperate x-soldiers, who cannot get a job, don't know what to do with their lives? I don't care about high capacity, I just want the right to have a chance to protect my family and myself. Thanks.