Gun Violence Surges in Florida

05/15/13 Warren Elly with Eric Barton Florida Center for Investigative Reporting
Last Call Wednesday

Warren Elly takes an in-depth look into the gun crisis and its presence in Florida. Listen to his discussion with investigative reporter Eric Barton.

Find transcript below:

Today… It is perhaps the single most divisive issue in America – GUNS. Driven by the slaughter of young school children, multiple public opinion polls said that Americans by a wide margin favor tougher background checks for gun ownership. A Congressional majority, perhaps persuaded by ideology or the threat of election defeat, blocked those stricter background checks.

And now we learn that Florida gun violence is surging and our system of background checking could well be contributing to an alarming jump in gun murders here.
Someone who knows a good deal about all this is Eric Barton, an award winning freelance editor and writer who joins us now from WLRN in Fort Lauderdale, where he contributes to public radio and television. Eric is also associated with FCIR, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

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