Hillsborough Commissioner Kevin Beckner speaks with South Tampa constituents

11/21/11 Atecia Robinson
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Elected officials often travel around their districts to hear from a range of citizens. On Friday Hillsborough County Commissioner Keven Becknerheld a sparsely-attended community meeting at the Jan Platt Regional Library in South Tampa.

Only two library employees stopped by to see Commissioner Beckner. He said he started community meetings in 2009 after being elected.

He said a variety of issues were brought to his attention in these meetings.

Coleen Brazier, a former high school teacher, she said she was concerned about the future of public libraries. Beckner said he would try to correct one of her other issues.

In addition to a recent juvenile justice program Commissioner Beckner has worked with the Sheriff’s office on stamping out insurance fraud.

Beckner said Hillsborough has more acts of insurance fraud than any other county in Florida. The Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed an ordinance to deal with the high costs of fraud.

Beckner said Hillsborough County has found that insurance fraud is tied to other criminal activity in the state.

Commissioner Becker will meet with residents again on Friday, December 16 in the Upper Tampa Bay Regional Public Libraryon Country way Blvd in Tampa.

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