Hillsborough County's Adopt a Pond Program; and Edward Snowden on the Run from the US Government

06/24/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up on the first part of the program we’ll talk about an important local environmental program in Hillsborough County- The Adopt a Pond program. On the second part of the program we’ll talk about Edward Snowden- the private contractor who has become a whistleblower revealing the extent of US spying on electronic communications.

John McGee and Jennifer Aragon are live in the studio with us—she's with the Hillsborough County Adopt a Pond program and he's with the Lake and Stream Management program. FMI 813-744-5671

Examples of ponds that have been helped by the program

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Snowden, Manning, and Hastings.... OH MY! Snowden had to flee. Look at the fate of Manning. The circumstances surrounding Michael Hastings' fiery death are suspicious to say the least (too early for solid facts). I mean, the guy sends an email that 'the man' is after him and an hour later, he's dead. This much we know. There's nothing patriotic about the Pat-RIOT Act. Bush started it. Obama perpetuates it. Michael Hastings investigated the Jill Kelley story and brought down an empire. Then there's his Iraq investigating.... Moral of the story: The Man doesn't to be outed, look bad, and/or not be in control at all times. Snowden, Manning, Assange and Hastings did all of the above. We should be angry. We should be scared. Did you hear about the Facebook shadow profile story of personal dossiers? I'm going to go get fitted for a tin foil hat! regards, Brad