History of Stand Your Ground Law in Florida

07/16/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei looks at the history of Florida’s controversial stand your ground law. Before the stand your ground law was enacted in Florida- defendants had to use every reasonable effort to avoid danger- before using deadly force. The judge in the Zimmerman trial instructed the jury that Zimmerman had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force.

The Tampa Bay Time points out this morning that last year it studied 200 stand your ground cases and that the law worked to free killers and violent attackers- whose self defense claims were questionable. In nearly a third of the cases examined by the Times the defendants who initiated a fight went free. The Times analysis also showed that people who claimed self-defense after killing a black victim were more likely to go free than those who killed a white victim.

The Center for Media and Democracy has studied the history of how the stand your ground laws were passed in Florida and 30 states around the country. Our guest today is Brendan Fischer of the CMD.

For information on The Center for Media and Democracy click here.

Executive Director of The Center for Media and Democracy, Lisa Graves Discusses Stand Your Ground on MSNBC

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Someone (George Zimmerman?) needs to open a Stand Your Grounds coffee shop. I would be careful though... could be more shooting in thar than a wild west saloon.

If unpopular court decisions were a valid reason to boycott an entire state, are there any states left to do business with? I've been boycotting California, New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah, both South AND North Dakota, and now it looks like I have to leave Florida. Which state has never had any issues with controversial legislation?

I am listening to the show right now (7/19) to the guy from Arcadia, who is painting that town as a wonderful example of racial and social harmony. I recall that as the same town that drove out the Ray family in the 80s because their sons had AIDS based on hemophilia. The parents grew up in that town. There have also been racial incidents there in recent years. His comment about Marissa Alexander was also telling. She went back in the house because she could not escape through the garage.