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10/28/13 Jon Butts
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On today’s show we had a short phone interview about the Florida Land and Water Legacy’s constitutional amendment, which dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands. We talked with Laliki Moncriet, Florida Land and Water Legacy’s Field Director. Kent Bailey, with Sierra Club, and activist Mary Ellen Gottlieb also joined the program to talk about the importance of this amendment. Then we had a couple of guests involved with the Pasco Eco Fest, taking place November 8 -10 at Sims & Starkey Parks in Pasco County. Kacey and Kira, co-managers of EcoFest,and Eric Stewart, another organizer, talked about this exciting event. Eric’s doing a workshop on container gardens and stayed for the main topic of backyard gardening. Our main guest was Rick Martinez, founder of Sweetwater and Tampa Bay’s Master Organic Farmer! Also, doing a workshop at the Eco Fest on Soil Blocks, Jim Kolvaleski, Paso County’s Amazing Urban Farmer, joined Rick and Eric on the home-grown vegetables portion of the program.

This really made a great show!



Jim Kovaleski’s contact number is 727-232-1107

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