Honors students bring sex, gender and race to the Globe

12/11/09 Rob Piccirillo
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Last night, a group of USF St. Petersburg honors students held a free community event at the Globe Coffee Lounge in downtown St. Petersburg. The purpose was to discuss how language oppresses people of different races, genders and sexualities.

Homelessness, violence against sex workers, discrimination against men in family court – those were just a few of the topics students chose to discuss for their final course projects. Professor Jill McKracken let her students name the course and they chose Gender, Sexuality, Race and Marginalized Communities.

Some students decided to take a more personal route for their projects. One of them, Josh says he has felt marginalized.

USF student Diana Cabilli was definitely in the forefront with her project. Cabilli performed a rap song she had composed about the treatment of sex workers.

And if writing and producing your own hip-hop music isn’t enough, one student decided to publish her own newspaper; G.W. Roll discussed what he wants to accomplish with his Homeless Image Newspaper.

The old adage is you should not criticize a person before walking a mile in their shoes. With their experiences in the class, this group of students has walked in several pairs.

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