Housing Authority of Tampa receives LEED Gold certification for Moses White Estates

03/29/12 Olivia Kabat
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A public housing community in Tampa has been recognized for its environmentally sustainable design. Moses White Estates is the first development in the Housing Authority of the City of Tampa to attain a LEED Gold designation.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is a recognition by the United Green Building Council. According to Lillian Stringer, director of public relations with the Housing Authority of Tampa, Moses White Estates earned the designation though its positive effect on the environment and the people living in the building.

“The LEED Gold Certification is the internationally recognized mark of excellence and provides owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing manageable green building designs.”

“In the case of Moses White we provided strategies that were aimed at achieving high performance in key areas like human and environmental health and cite development.”

Stringer said the housing community incorporates many energy-saving elements.

“One of the things that we consider to help us to achieve the LEED gold status was the instillation of HVAC system, the zero energy-heated gas from the HVAC condenser to heat the water, erosion control, the use of non-invasive plants that are native to Florida, planting beds with a high efficiency irrigation system, low flow plumbing fixtures that includes the faucets, the water closets, and shower heads. Those are just some of the things that helped us to achieve the LEED Gold in this particular project.”

Moses White Estates opened its doors to residents last year. Since then a 3,000 foot clubhouse has been built and residents are provided with high-speed internet access.

“It’s a public housing community and it was just completed just earlier in 2011 and it’s in the east Tampa area. It is fully occupied and we are so pleased with that. We started out from the very beginning trying to make the properties a lot better so we could improve the quality of life for our residents. So we wanted to strive for the LEED gold certification and we did reach that.”

The Housing Authority of Tampa provides affordable housing to moderate to low-income families.

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