How Federal Government Law Enforcement Uses Paid Informants to Steer Activists Toward Violence

07/31/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. In a moment we’ll talk about a controversy that happened during the Republican Convention four years ago in St. Paul Minnesota involving some young men who were accused of plotting to firebomb the Convention--they say they were set up by a paid government informant… we’ll try to learn some lessons from the last RNC for the 2012 Convention which takes place in Tampa at the end of August ….

But first one listener comment about yesterday’s last Call on which we got into a discussion of Americans hiding money in offshore tax havens….. Here’s what one listener had to say.


In 27 days the Republican National Convention gets underway in downtown Tampa. 50,000 people are expected to come to town including delegates, journalists, security personnel and demonstrators….When the Republican National Convention was held in Minneapolis four years ago two young men from Texas were arrested for allegedly planning to firebomb the convention. The two men said they were set up- eventually both were sentenced to prison. A film about the controversial event called BETTER THIS WORLD was shown on PBS’s independent film series called POV last year. The filmmakers were Katie Galloway and Kelly Duane de la Vega. Here’s a portion of their film and an outtake of an interview they did which is posted on the POV web site.


Here to talk about the arrests and conviction of Bradley Crowder and David McKay is investigative reporter Trevor Aaronson. aaronson is associate director and co-founder of the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

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