How safe is air travel in the U.S.?

12/06/11 Robert Lorei
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Coming up will talk with former air traffic controller Robert Misic who has written a new book called CRASH AND BURN. He's a former air traffic controller. In his book he alleges that: "Ø According to FAA reports, 95 percent of air traffic controllers regularly feel tired or sleepy at work, 77 percent catch themselves about to doze off while at work, 53 percent admit to "taking naps at work," and 46 percent reveal they "often fall asleep unintentionally."

Ø A 2011 NASA study that recorded pilots' brain waves during transoceanic flights caught 44 percent of the pilots asleep in the cockpit, just like their passengers in the back of the plane.

Ø Air traffic control facilities are falling apart. Of the 420 Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control facilities, 59 percent are over 30 years old, and 15 facilities are over 50 years old. The expected useful life of the buildings is a modest 25 to 30 years.

Ø The new Boeing 787 cannot meet the FAA mandated requirement that all aircraft have three independent protection measures for a feature that could cause sparking. When FAA engineers raised their safety concerns internally, FAA management simply removed them from the team developing the new policy.

Ø Air traffic controller operational errors, in which planes get too close to each other or to another object, skyrocketed 81 percent between 2007 and 2010, according to federal data, while errors in the Boston region shot up even more, 114 percent."

Later in the program we'll talk about the new campaign commercials for Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren. we'll also hear Newt Gingrich's response when he was asked about House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi's warning that Gingrich's presidential campaign will give new life to ethics allegations made against him in the 1990's. And FOX News is criticizing the new Muppet film. We'll hear a portion of a discussion which aired on FOX yesterday. Later we'll open the phone lines.

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