How to solve the federal deficit; and a campaign to have ordinary people call the Governor's office

08/12/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Monday)

Governor Rick Scott has been sending robocalls out to Florida residents—touting the positive things he’s done since taking office earlier this year. Now there’s a campaign to have average Floridians tell the governor what they’ve been experiencing since he took over in Tallahassee…

And is there a relatively simple fix for the federal budget deficit? Our first guest says there is.

But first some listener comments about yesterday’s program. Yesterday we featured a spokesperson for Citizens for Tax Justice who gave us some information about who pays taxes in this country. She pointed out that when it comes to state and local taxes—low and moderate income people pay a higher share than the rich. Here’s what three listeners had to say.

Our first guest is Doug Henwood, editor of The Left Business Observer who has reported on the American economy for years. He has what he says is a relatively simple and painless way to reach a balanced budget.

Our next guest is Susannah Randolph who is behind the campaign in which ordinary Floridians are sending recorded phone calls to the governor this Monday. The calls describe their economic situation.

Also discussed: this article in Mother Jones Magazine pointing out that Rick Scott pays just $30 a month for his state sponsored health insurance.

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Just read about your Scottcare. Now that is a healthcare insurance even I could afford. Am a senior citizen without Medicare Part B because my SS is LESS than $700. per month, and I can not afford it. How about offering Scottcare to low income seniors?

Not Scottcare... Obamacare!!!

I’m confused… there are 50 Governors… 100 Senators and 435 Representatives!!! Are you saying that the 50 should pay more than the 100… or the 435??? And… aren’t we talkin about Obamacare??? I thunk healthcare was supposed to be cheaper for EVERYBODY… even the guvment...

What really drives the deficit.

Instead of worrying about foodstamp Twinkies, Charlie should be worried about things like this.