Howard Troxler on Media

05/22/13 Warren Elly
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In Wednesday's edition of Last Call, Warren Elly discusses the fall of the journalism industry with guest Howard Troxler, a political columnist and reporter.

Find the transcript below: Today… another in our series of broadcasts focusing on the decline and fall of Journalism and the American News Media… after the one-two punch of instant Internet and the contraction of the American economy.Among the consequences critics say; an ever more corrupt political system, reinforced by the constant, biased drum beat of polarizing 24 hour cable news and talk radio, along with the instant, un-vetted and shoot from the hip internet that’s become the newest way to massage the masses into voting against their interest so long as the interests of those pouring money into the politician’s pockets can profit from the steady sale, just to name a few, of weapons of war, ever-higher utility and insurance bills, and ecological denial… some say underscored by ever-more-frightening deadly blows from mother nature.My guest today is Howard Troxler – 34 years in journalism…23 of them as a leading reporter and political columnist first for the Tampa Tribune and then the St Petersburg, now Tampa Bay Times. He I suspect, will tell us he did not retire from the newspaper business, he quit and on his terms. Howard joins us from Saluda, in his home state of North Carolina, near Ashville, where he walks louie the dog every morning, writes computer code, and enjoys I would think, a much slower pace of life filled with the warm embrace of friends and family and those beautiful mountains up there… a lucky man indeed. welcome Howard…

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