Hundreds gather in St. Pete for Pink Slip Rick protest

07/01/11 Janelle Irwin
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Concerned citizens from various progressive organizations gathered today in front of the Vinoy in downtown St. Petersburg to protest many of Rick Scott’s policies. The umbrella group Pink Slip Rick protested the governor’s arrival in St. Pete where he was spoke at the Florida Society of News Editors annual meeting.

One of the protest’s organizers, Kofi Hunt of the Pinellas chapter of Awake the State has many reasons he thinks the governor should be kicked out of office. Scott has an approval rating of 29%; the lowest in the country. That’s something Hunt wants more people to talk about.

"We hope to contribute to the discussion. As citizens of a democratic nation we think that it is our duty to contribute to discussions about how we are going to move forward in governing our society."

An email from organizers of the protest claimed that there has been a swing toward the right in the media’s coverage of political affairs, and they want reporters to start asking tough questions. Mark Ferrulo is the director of Progress Florida.

"The governor has this really amazing infrastructure to push his message out. Not only the office of the Governor but the Republican Party of Florida. They're doing doing robocalls, they're trying to generate letters to the editor so it's much harder for the grassroots to breakthrough into the mainstream media in many respects to make sure that the anti-Rick Scott message is getting out there. I think, fortunately, a lot of the media has picked up on the fact that this is a very unpopular governor and his policies are driving our state in the wrong direction, but not all of them."

It wasn’t all bad news for Scott on the sidewalks outside of the Vinoy though. Most of the 200 or so protesters praised Scott after news spread that he had given the go ahead for the Orlando SunRail project.

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I Like Rick

I Like Rick. Somebody has to make the tough decisions. The past governor couldn't decide what time it was. And hugged Obama.


Instead of using their energy to protest, these people should be looking for jobs. Apparently natural selection is at work here.