Impeachable Offenses: New book calls for Obama's impeachment

08/29/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei interviews Brenda J. Elliott co-author of the newly released book "Impeachable Offenses: The case for removing Barack Obama from office." Elliott is an award-winning historian, researcher, and New York Times bestselling author. She has created a number of blogs including RBO2 and Hoocoodanode. She is also the co-author of "Fool Me Twice," "Red Army," and "The Manchurian President" in which she tied President Obama to socialists, communists, Muslims, ACORN, unions and terrorists.

This week the issued a statement saying that “Fury is spreading like wildfire with IMPEACH OBAMA rallies, protests and petitions nationwide. At Town Hall meetings people are demanding articles for impeachment. Adding fuel to the mounting movement is an explosive Tea Party campaign that connects the dots for impeachment from the attack on Benghazi to his shredding of our Constitution."

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Rob: Impeachment or not, Bush or Obama, it is tweedle dee and tweedle dum. The two-party system in America is corrupt, and the economic system (capitalism) promotes this kind of executive branch abuses. Alternative political parties and a socialistic economic system will only provide us the real radical change we seek. Brian

I just want to thank you for helping change the thinking so people know its ok to be a socialist we need to let everyone know its ok to change to socialist ways. The company that steel our labor for profit are not giving the people the power. I think everyone needs to let President Obama change the country with hope to the better the constitution is not needed and holds him back “his words” we need to spy on the far right and tea part people that are trying to stop the people from changing the country to be like other great socialist countries. We need to just round them up and take their guns and money and use that to help the people grow as a group. I love that you pinned her with the spin from the great forward movement. We need to just say the right wing nuts have to just go work and grad their guns and God

Hi New Democrat, Thanks for your sarcasm. You know that there was no conversation about gun confiscation or money confiscation. Just wanted future generations to know you were being sarcastic and not being honest. Rob