Independent grassroots group calls for rejection of debt ceiling deal

08/01/11 Robert Lorei
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This afternoon we'll discuss the debt ceiling agreement with Aimee Allison of Roots Action

Allison is co-executive director of RootsAction, which just put out an action alert against the deal: "The debt ceiling deal struck last night does not tax the rich or even allow temporary tax cuts on the rich to expire. Nor does it defund any wars. Yet it requires cuts of $1.2 trillion now and $2.5 trillion over a decade. Details of much of the cutting will be worked out by a new 12-member Super Congress empowered to cut any spending, and to force a rushed vote with no amendments on whatever it proposes to the actual Congress. And if that antidemocratic procedure fails, cuts will happen automatically. Half of those cuts might be to the military, but that should be seen before believed, and the devil will be in the details -- details being rammed through under the gun of a manufactured crisis."

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