Interview with Pulitzer Prize winning tax reporter David Cay Johnston

07/27/11 Robert Lorei
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With the debate over raising the debt ceiling in Washington almost at an impasse we're joined now by David Cay Johnston who is one of the nation's leading journalists on the issue of taxes. Johnston is a columnist for Reuters and author of Perfectly Legal, Free Lunch and early next year The Fine Print, all books about little known ways the economy is rigged to benefit the richest among us. He formerly covered taxes for the New York Times where he won a Pulitzer Prize.

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Washington Duh

One of the best programs about this topic I have heard since it started. This is what I have been thinking all along.

Food stamps

Hey Rob, Love your show, but think you were out of line when you responded to the EBT card issue. I have no problem seeing my tax dollars being spent on nutrition for the less fortunate. I make $7.50 an hour as a grocery clerk. I am not happy with the amount of EBT dollars that I see being spent on sodas, candy, and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. I cannot afford these items on my income & consider them luxuries. I do not believe restricting EBT to, say, non-taxable items is a bad call. NYC is now in a trial period restricting their recipients to no sodas with their cards. On the other hand, I feel that certain non-food items such as diapers should be allowed. Gina, Levy County