Interview with Sam Webb Chair of the Communist Party USA

03/01/11 Robert Lorei
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Recently talk radio hosts and commentators on conservative TV shows have accused President Barack Obama of being a communist. We'll hear some of what Glenn Beck has said regarding the President. After that we'll hear from an actual communist - he is Sam Webb who heads the Communist Party USA. Webb was born in Maine and attended Xavier University in Nova Scotia. He received a Master's degree in economics from the University of Connecticut. He worked as a a Communist Party organizer in Michigan in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

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An excellent interview…

You had me worried… I thought the whole show was going to be about Mr. Beck. Well anyway… It wouldn’t matter if the President was or wasn’t a “closet communist”… Mr. Web has to deny it!!! What... do you think an admission like that… wouldn’t lead to an election loss for anyone who wasn’t a Republican for the next 10 years??? Just because Sen. McCarthy is dead… doesn’t mean that McCarthyism is!!! But then for him to say that the President isn’t even a leftist… Sam must have read Sun Tzu, “All war is deception”. And of course Mr. Webb supports another $1Billion in stimulus… he learned from “their” failures… the USSR collapsed as a result of OVER SPENDING… not because of democracy and capitalism!!! Mr. Webb even said as much right at the end of the show… though I believe that was a “Freudian Slip” rather than an admission. Speaking of Freudian slips… the initial intro gaff about his birthday being in MAY… was very Freudian!!! OH… WAIT A MINUITE!!! Sigmund’s birthday is in May… is this just a coincidence??? Hold on whilst I check the charts!!!


I really enjoyed your show today! I wa surprised that I agreed with almost everything Mr. Webb said. He was right on all ways to help our economy, and he showed what an IDIOT Glenn Beck is! I don't think we went far enough on health care- it seems a government take-over and health care for everyone would be our best bet.


Thank you Rob Lorei for today's interview with Sam Webb, Chair of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). I hope WMNF has him on the air more often. The viewpoInt of the CPUSA is all too frequently ignored in progressive circles


yeah… let’s get him back… maybe he’ll talk about the enlightenment of mass deception… YAWN!!!

Communist Party USA (Foundation)

You should know that Sam Webb is an actual FBI Special Agent. I hate to see sincere people hoodwinked by this guy. You can read more about him by typing Sam Webb FBI Special Agent into your web browser and find one of several sites put up by his former colleagues. Or, you can go to my website at for more information about this character and his nearly dead FBI front Party.

"Party on... dudes!!!

Apparently Mr. Smith has read Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book”… “Opposition and struggle between ideas of different kinds constantly occur within the Party of contradictions between classes and between the new and the old in society. If there were no contradictions within the Party and no ideological struggles to resolve them, the Party life would come to an end.” YEAH… the Party of contradictions... sounds like a bunch of democrats love'n that Party life!!!

He’s everywhere… he’s everywhere!!!

DUDE!!! Speaking of Chairman Mao… did you see this one??? I saw this on the Weather Channel... play the vidio!!!