Is Lake Okeechobee on the brink of spilling and causing a disaster in South Florida?

09/10/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with David Guest an attorney with the Earth Justice Foundation about the threat of Lake Okeechobee turning into an environmental disaster. The dam holding back the waters of Lake Okeechobee is in danger of bursting. Lake Okeechobee which sits just east of Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Ft. Myers; south of Sebring, and west of Port St. Lucie, Stuart and West Palm Beach is half the size of the state of Rhode Island. Listen to the full show above.

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David Guest? Isn't the fey man who was married to Liza Minelli? Odd that he would know anything about environmental issues in FL.

Bubba the Troll strikes again! Anyone have a serious comment about the potential disaster in South Florida?

Troll?! Hey, I resemble those remarks!