Jessica Mason Pieklo discusses Justice Ginsburg's discussion of Roe vs. Wade

05/16/13 Jessica Mason Peiklo
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Jessica Mason Pieklo, is a senior legal analysis at the RH reality check which is a comprehensive website that discusses the reproductive rights of women. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at the School of Law at the Hamline University. She has had articles appear in many publications including the Nation.. She is the co-author of the recently published CROW AFTER ROE; HOW SEPARATE BUT EQUAL HAS BECOME THE STANDARD OF WOMEN 'S HEALTH AND HOW WE CAN CHANGE THAT. Jessica discussed the recent speech that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave at the University of Chicago in which she discussed the problems with the thinking on Roe vs Wade . Justice Ginsburg expressed misgivings at the time (1973) that the matter was not decided on the human rights of women but rather as a privacy right very much in conjunction with the doctor. Jessica examined that speech and discussed other areas which are impacting women's right to control their bodies. For more information go to

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