Jessica Mason Pieklo discusses the Supreme Court decisions concerning dicrimination in the work place

06/27/13 Jessica Mason Pieklo with Mary Glenney
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Jessica Mason Pieklo, an adjunct professor at the School of Law at Hamline University and the senior legal analysis for rh reality check, talks about the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding discrimination in the work place. Andréa noted that the Court has changed the definition of "supervisor" to one who has the authority to hire and fire and excludes the managerial positions in which one can assign duties and delegate work responsibilities. This was the decision in the Vance vs Ball State. In the case of UT Southwest Medical Center vs Nassar, the burden of proof for retaliation is changed to put the burden of proof on the individual making the complaint. Andrea feels this will be a heavy burden on the employees. It will also be very difficult to be a whistleblower without retaliation. For more information go to and check for articles by Jessica Mason Pieklo.

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