Jessica Mason Pieklo talks about Justice Ruther Bader Ginsburg's comments on Roe vs Wade

05/16/13 Jessica Mason Pieklo with Mary Glenney
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Jessica Mason Pieklo is an attorney and an Adjunct Professor at Hamline University and specializes in Civil Rights, Politics, and Women's Causes. She is the senior legal analyst for Rh Reality check an online sight that focuses on women's reproductive rights. Jessica and Robin Marty are the co-authors of the recently released CROW AFTER ROE: HOW SEPARATE BUT EQUAL HAS BECOME THE NEW STANDARD OF WOMEN'S HEALTH AND HOW WE CAN CHANGE THAT. Jessica very strongly admires Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but disagrees with some of Justice Ginsburg's comments regarding Roe vs Wade and how separate cannot be anymore equal today than it was in the past. Jessica also blogs at MOMOcrats Check out her articles at

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