Karuna Jaggar CEO of Breast Cancer Action advises "think before you pink"

10/17/13 Karuna Jaggar talks with Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Karuna Jaggar is the executive director of The Breast Cancer Action. Breast Cancer Action was the advocacy group that started the "think before you pink" campaign in 2002. She brings us up to date about that campaign and stressed that the emphasis in 2013 if on the necessity to update the Toxic Chemical Act and -"toxic chemicals- "enough, we've had enough". BCA give many of the research studies that implicate many chemicals in the possible causation of breast and other cancers. Karuna and Breast Cancer Action vision is for every woman affected by breast cancer has the power and knowledge to make informed decisions that enable them to control their healthcare. The web sight is wonderfully informative of their attitudes and various factors in the causation of breast cancer. They do not feel "changing your life style will solve the epidemic. For more information go to www.bcaction.org

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