Kids Healthcare Foundation reaches out to Tampa's uninsured children

07/02/13 Roberto Roldan
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More than 2 million children in Florida are enrolled in the Florida KidCare Program, but it’s estimated that 35,000 qualifying children in the Tampa Bay area remain uninsured.

To help remedy that, the Kids Healthcare Foundation provided information and application assistance Tuesday afternoon at the Glazier Children’s Museum in Tampa.

Melanie Hall, the executive director of Tampa Bay Kids Healthcare Foundation said as part of their back-to-school drive, Tampa Bay Kids is attempting to reach out to children and families who qualify for affordable insurance.

“We actually assist families in providing them with information about the Florida KidCare programs that they may be eligible for. If after they are enrolled in Florida Healthy Kids or one of the KidCare programs they are having difficulty accessing services they can call us. So we are here to support families in getting their children the care they are eligible for through the Florida KidCare program.”

Medicaid for children and Healthy Kids are two programs available under Florida’s KidCare. Florida’s Medicaid for children program offers free health care for children whose families are at or slightly above the poverty level, while Healthy Kids provides very inexpensive insurance to families making up to $47,000 a year. Hall said these programs allow low-income families access to needed medical services.

“The benefits packages are very comparable to the commercial benefits. So, dental is included, vision, primary care, hospitalization, emergency care, therapy, it’s all covered. Even behavioral health is covered through the Healthy Kids benefits packages.”

The Tampa Bay Kids Healthcare foundation is giving out information and applications on the third floor of the Glazier Children’s museum Tuesday until 6 p.m.

The next outreach opportunity is on July 21 at Lowry Park Zoo’s reduced admissions day.

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