Laura Gottesdiener author of A DREAM FORECLOSED talks about the foreclosure crisis in the country.

08/15/13 Laura Gottesdiener talks with Mary Glenney
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Laura Gottesdiener is a journalist, social justice activist and author of A DREAM FROECLOSED:BLACK AMERICA AND THE FIGHT FOR A PLACE TO CALL HOME discusses the displacement of ten million people due to foreclosure in this country. That is equivalent to the population of the state of Michigan. Laura not only discusses the conditions that have caused the foreclosures but found that African Americans are organizing and fighting these foreclosures. She sees the organizing as a continuation of the African Americans historical efforts by community and social organizing to effect change. A DREAM FORECLOSED:BLACK AMERICA AND THE FIGHT FOR A PLAE TO CALL HOME is published by Zuccotti Press and was released this month.

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