Law enforcement officers working Republican convention in Tampa are warned about anarchists in this training video

06/20/12 Seán Kinane
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This afternoon on Last Call we took calls about three stories of the day.

A U.S. House committee voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for not turning over Justice Department Documents related the the Fast and Furious program.

Florida authorities have not found any wrongdoing in the deletion of emails by Governor Rick Scott and members of his transition team.

And this WMNF story on Tampa's Republican Convention police training video warns other agencies against anarchists. We played the full audio from the police training video by Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor and Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee.

Here's a link to the police training video.

Previous WMNF stories on the RNC here.

Here is a release from Tampa Police today that lists the 59 law enforcement agencies that will patrol during the Republican convention. In a correction later in the day they added Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Date: Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:32:30 From: Tampa Police PIO

Tampa Police and Hillsborough County Sheriff Finalizing RNC Security Force Tampa City Council Will Vote on Mutual Aid Agreement Next Week

See Attached Video of Chief Castor and Sheriff Gee that will play at all RNC Training

When the Republican National Convention takes place in Tampa this August, the Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will work side by side with a coalition of local, state and federal agencies to ensure our citizens and visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. While the convention is a National Special Security Event designating the United States Secret Service as the lead agency for the convention, local law enforcement will oversee security for everything outside the event. TPD and HCSO have called on other agencies to build a unified team.

Fifty-nine local law enforcement agencies from across the Bay Area and the state will join the security team. The Tampa Police Department and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will train every officer, deputy and trooper assisting in the RNC daily operations. Tampa will utilize the Department of Justice RNC Security Grant to reimburse the local agencies for the hours their officers and deputies work during the event. A contingent from this team will also travel to St. Petersburg to help secure its pre-RNC event in August.

"The City of St. Petersburg welcomes the RNC. Our law enforcement officers are working together with other agencies throughout the Tampa Bay region to ensure a safe and successful event." Chief Charles "Chuck" Harmon, St. Petersburg Police Department

"This is a tremendous regional event and we are pleased to be part of the unified law enforcement effort to make it a safe event." Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office "The Pasco Sheriff's Office is proud to be part of the law enforcement coalition for the RNC. This collaborative effort is just another example of how well law enforcement agencies work together in the Tampa Bay region." Sheriff Chris Nocco, Pasco County Sheriff's Office

"As law enforcement officials, we have an obligation to ensure the safety of our communities. Working in collaboration during events of magnitude, such as the RNC, ensures that the residents and visitors of Central Florida have peace of mind knowing safety and order will be maintained by well-trained and professional law enforcement officers." Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff's Office

"The Republican National Convention is a significant state and regional event. The Orange County Sheriff's Office is proud to work with the Tampa Police Department, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and various other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of everyone. This event will have a historical perspective and a major economic impact on Floridians. I would like to thank Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor and Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee for extending the invitation to participate and for their enormous advance planning of this event." Sheriff Jerry L. Demings, Orange County Sheriff's Office

"It is always important when having major events that it is approached from a regional aspect. We are excited to have officers involved in this important event, and we are always willing to support the City of Tampa and the Tampa Bay region." Chief Lisa Womack, Lakeland Police Department

"We welcome the opportunity to work with our law enforcement partners. For large-scale events, such as the RNC, it takes agencies pooling their resources to ensure the safety of conference participants, visitors, as well as local residents." Sheriff Al Lamberti, Broward County Sheriff's Office

List of Assisting Agencies in Alphabetical order- Some agencies have already signed and returned the mutual aid agreements. Tampa expects to have all the finalized legal documents by next month.

Alachua County SO Auburndale PD Bradenton Beach PD Bradenton PD Brevard County SO Brooksville PD Broward County SO Charlotte County SO Citrus County SO Clearwater PD Collier County SO Dade City PD Daytona Beach PD Florida Department of Environmental Protection Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Florida Division of Insurance Fraud Florida Division of State Fire Marshal-Bureau of Fire & Arson Investigations Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida Highway Patrol Florida Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement Fort Myers PD Gainesville PD Gulfport PD Hernando County SO Hillsborough County SO Kissimmee PD Lake County SO Lake Wales PD Lakeland PD Lee County SO Leesburg PD Manatee County SO Marion County SO North Port PD Ocala PD Ocoee PD Orange County SO Orlando PD Osceola County SO Oviedo PD Palm Beach County SO Palmetto PD Pasco County SO Pinellas County SO Plant City PD Polk County SO Punta Gorda PD Sarasota County SO Sarasota PD Seminole County SO Seminole PD St Cloud PD St Petersburg PD Tarpon Springs PD Temple Terrace PD USF PD Volusia County SO Waldo PD West Palm Beach PD Winter Haven PD Winter Park PD Winter Springs PD

Laura McElroy TPD PIO

In August, each one of you will be part of history as you protect the Republican National Convention. Hello I’m Hillsborough County sheriff David Gee and I’m Chief Jane Caster. For those of you traveling to Tampa for the RNC, welcome to our great city. We truly appreciate you joining forces with our agencies to keep this event safe.

The RNC is democracy in action so it’s an honor for us to be called to protect this important part of our political process.

In Tampa our officers and deputies are used to working together as one agency and that’s exactly how we will operate during this event. We’re all on the same team, we’re in it together.

We all wear the same uniform under the RNC badge. Every member of our crowd control team will get the same specialized training and equipment.

Your safety and comfort is paramount. We’ve ordered lighter uniforms and will set up water and food stations throughout downtown. We’ve tried to address every logistical issue as we prepare for one of the biggest challenges of our career.

As you know protests and protesters alike are parts of political disruptions. Unfortunately mixed in with the thousands of peaceful demonstrators will are those individuals bent on disruption. We put countless hours into building our deployment in response to these troublemakers. We will win this by design strategy.

We are smarter, better trained, and better equipped than these law breakers and most importantly we are more patient. It is their intent to bate us into using force against them so it can be captured on videotape and shown to the world as excessive force. But we will be very calculated in our response to ensure it is strategic and controlled.

A strong law enforcement presence and preempted action will help us avoid some of the standoffs we’ve all seen with previous protests, conventions, and highly charged events. Crowd control commanders will utilize discretion to determine when and how to act to avoid a tipping point. We must all act as a team. It is important that we not break rank as that can prevent us from making the best unified decisions.

In all situations we fear the unknown. With the RNC it’s the anarchist but our intelligence shows us that these groups try to deliberately deceive and lead law enforcement into believing that they are a serious threat just to bate us into action. In reality, they are most often unorganized, misguided individuals who engage in underhanded tactics to disrupt peaceful demonstrations.

We will surgically target these troublemakers and remove them from the area so that we can quickly restore order allowing the peaceful demonstration to continue. It’s important for you to know that in previous political conventions served very few injuries to law enforcement.

It is critical that you remember every one of us as representing law enforcement as a whole. All eyes will be on us. Everything we do will be videotaped and photographed so let’s show the world that we are the best in our profession. We are a state and community that relies on tourism, we’re used to visitors. It’s our job to ensure that the RNC delegates and visitors have a safe and enjoyable time.

You are the security team that will make this a great event for the world to watch. We will equip and train you so that you are all ready come August. Thank you again for joining our team.

Together we will win this through intelligence, design, and strategy. So let’s all do a great job and most importantly, be safe.

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