Live report from tax day Tea Party rally in Tampa

04/15/11 Christopher Davis, Lenka Davis and Seán Kinane
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Today, April 15, is the traditional day federal income taxes are due to the IRS. For the last few years, tea party affiliated groups have held large protests on April 15. At this hour, outside the taxpayer-funded National Football League Stadium in Tampa, Marco Rubio is headlining a tax day protest.

Our reporters Lenka Davis and Christopher Davis are there and will bring you a full report Monday. Christopher joins us live now on the phone. Christopher, tell our listeners how many people are there and what they’re saying.

"'...There's a few people left coming in, stragglers out of the parking lot. Altogether I'd say there are probably 300 people, that includes the vendors but it could be off by 50. But I don't see more than 350 people here for the event today out by Raymond James Stadium. Talked to a lot of people, Sean, many people here are not only here for tax protesting day, which is the theme of the event, but also seems to be a large religious right movement also here out in full force. Ralph Reed will be speaking today, he's one of the first speakers after Marco Rubio."

Thank you so much, Christopher, I appreciate that report.

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