Local Permaculture Classes

01/06/14 Jon Butts
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Tags: International Permaculture Convergence, Koreen Brennan

On today’s Sustainable Living Program our guests were a couple of local permaculture designers. Koreen Brennan recently attended the International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba and is the founder of Grow Permaculture, located in Clearwater. She’s also involved with just about anything that contributes to sustainability and regeneration of the environment, the local economy, culture and community. Bob Abbenzeller also joined the show. He’s a permaculture designer and local sustainable living activist living near Plant City. Bob will be teaching an Introduction to Permaculture class at Sweetwater Organic Farm next Sunday starting at 1PM. Koreen talked about her trip to Cuba and how they’ve adapted to a low carbon economy--not really by choice, but never-the-less have succeeded. She’s also involved in bringing Dan Hemenway to the area to teach a permaculture design class. Bob talked about permaculture plant beds, principles of permaculture, etc. You can visit [Koreen Brennan’s Facebook] Page(https://www.facebook.com/koreenbrennan), and Bob’s email is rhabb@gmail.com

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Gardens can be and are work though pots are fun and simple. Permaculture is and ought to be less work, (due to a more thorough design and planning approach, but you need to "tend" your plants more because you want to harvest the edibles frequently and learn from the plants. All the people I've met associated with gardening and permaculture are great people to be around and share both ideas and plants with. This program not just this show is an important contribution to helping to make better communities.