Major uprisings calling for removal of Mubarak continue in Egypt despite nationwide curfew

01/28/11 Seán Kinane
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Major protests continue for a third straight day in Egypt where demonstrators are calling for the removal of President Hosni Mubarak. They continued into the night despite a nationwide curfew.

Egypt State TV and other outlets say the ruling party headquarters in Cairo is burning. The Associated Press reported that protesters tried to storm the state TV building and the Foreign Ministry. Egypt's military has deployed on the streets of some cities and there are reports that protesters are welcoming the troops. An unnamed source told the AP the US will review its policy on providing more than a billion dollars of aid to Egypt based on these events.

In a statement today, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not speak about Mubarak stepping down, only that the regime needs to work on reform. Here’s a clip of her speech recorded from CNN while they played audio from the protests in the background.

Cables obtained by WikiLeaks and reported on by the New York Times reveal that U.S. diplomats often raised concerns with Egyptian leaders about reports of torture by police and the imprisonment of bloggers and dissidents.

A rally has been planned for tomorrow afternoon called Tampa Bay Stands With Egypt. It begins at 2 on the corner of Dale Mabry and Kennedy in Tampa.

Meanwhile, Agence France-Presse reports “thousands of Jordanians held peaceful demonstrations in Amman and other cities” today "to press for reform and the government's resignation, taking their cue from Tunisia and Egypt."

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Pharaohs… set your people free!!!

What do you think, folks??? Is this a “fall of the Berlin Wall” moment… that ends with group hugs??? Or is this a “fall of the Shah of Iran” moment… that ends with mass graves??? Tunisia… Egypt… Lebanon… Jordan… Yemen… Sudan… could Mecca be next??? I’m betting it’s going to be group hugs all around… what could possibly go wrong???

First in... last out...

Oh look… CNN has reported that Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC) has landed in Cairo!!! So much for… ”what could possibly go wrong”!!! But… I’m still betting on group hugs!!!

Hugs for guns...

Women and children are in the streets of Cairo… it’s looking a lot like group hugs!!!

Don’tcha just love PolyTicks...

Gotta love it!!! Fox has compared the protest movement in Egypt… to the Tea Party movement in the US. Something about “no apparent leaders…” and “regaining personal freedoms…”!!!

Hugs for horses???

Okay… what genius thought it would be a good idea to invite the Mamluk Calvary to the festivities??? And watch where you step… I don’t want anybody trackin anything in on the rugs!!! Jeez… what ever happened to “ride a cowboy”???

Pliny* oornea

Hit the pillow...

So Captcha… cool way to blahblah… but which is it??? A “fall of the Berlin Wall” moment… that ends with group hugs??? Or is this a “fall of the Shah of Iran” moment… that ends with mass graves???

SMILE... you’re on candid camera!!!

And there you go… party crashers and paparazzi beat downs!!! Anderson didn’t look to happy… did he???

Hay Gibbs!!! What up???

Jeez... what is going on??? Paparazzi beat downs in Cairo… paparazzi shut downs in DC… It’s starting to look kinda sketchy!!!

Eeny meeny miny mo…

It didn’t take President Reagan this long to pick a side… President Carter, yes… but not Ronaldus Maximus!!!

Where are they playing next... Syria???

What happened in Tahrir Square this week… reminded me of the difference between Woodstock 69 and Woodstock 99. Some folks just refuse to leave the shallow end of the gene pool…