March is Bike Month

02/18/13 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

We started today's program with Arnie Gunderson, a nuclear engineer with the nonprofit group Fairewinds, who gave us a little more information about Crystal River and what's next. Arnie talked about what happened that finally shut down the Crystal River Nuclear Power plant and our future options. He felt that solar electric was a good option, but that solar thermal to heat water was a quicker return on investment. Solar thermal central power plants and wind power on our coast lines, connected to a smart grid, could provide us true renewable energy.

Our next guests Karen Kress with the Tampa Downtown Partnership and Julie Bond with the USF Center for Urban Transportation Research spoke about Tampa Bay Area March Bike Month events and other bike related issues. The conversation focused on bike and pedestrian safety, and our most dangerous intersections in the Tampa Bay area. Of course we talked about the March Bike Month events.

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