Mark McKinnon co-founder of "No Labels" calls for Congressional reforms

12/13/11 Robert Lorei
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An independent political group called “No Labels”, formed last year, is out today with some suggestions about how to get past the partisan gridlock that has brought a lot of work in Washington to a halt.

No Labels bills itself as a citizens' movement, but its leaders are veterans of campaign politics." No Labels was founded by veteran Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson, Republican political adviser Mark McKinnon, and former U.S. Comptroller David Walker.

The group released today a 12-point plan aimed at breaking gridlock, reducing polarization, and promoting constructive debate. The No Labels coalition intends to use this proposal to pressure lawmakers on the rules committees in the House and Senate to adopt these measures as quickly as possible.

We’re joined now by one of the group’s co-founders Mark McKinnon.

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