Max Rameau A Radical Solution To Homelessness

06/14/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rb Lorei. Coming up today—homeless activists take matters in their own hands as they build homeless villages and occupy abandoned houses….But first two listener comments about yesterday’s program. tape

Our guest today is Max Rameau. Max Rameau is founder of Take Back the Land We'll be discussing his successes moving homeless families into foreclosed houses and preventing families whose houses have been foreclosed from being evicted. This is part of a national effort by Take Back the Land to elevate housing as a human right in the USA-a place where the banks have been saved but the people abandoned.


Max Rameau is a Haitian-born Pan-African theorist and organizer, living in Washington, DC. Max has organized in Miami, FL and DC around a range of issues, including immigrant rights, especially for Haitian immigrants, LGBTQ rights and police brutality, among others. Max helped found the land-based Take Back the Land in 2006, and in October of that year, the organization seized control of a vacant lot in the Liberty City section of Miami, and built the Umoja Village, a full urban shantytown.

He'll be speaking tonight at 7PM at the Underground 1300 East 7th Avenue in Ybor City.

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