Maya Wiley and Salamisha Tillet talk about implicit racism.

07/18/13 Maya Wiley and Salamisha Tillet with Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Maya Wiley, who is a civil rights attorney and the founder of the Center for Social Inclusion, talked about the Trayvon Martin trial and the implicit racism in our society. She thought the controversy over the verdict gives an opportunity for us to examine the implicit racism in our selves and our society. Maya suggested among other things we might consider is to take the Implicit Racism Test in which 80 % of Americans so tested have varying degrees of racist beliefs-most subconsciously. Salamisha Tillet, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Africans, Women and Gender studies has worked extensively with domestic violence issues. Salamisha noted the history of domestic violence in George Zimmerman's past that was not admitted at the trial of Trayvon Martin. Salamisha noted that studies have revealed that those who are involved in domestic violence commonly are violent in other areas of their lives. For more information go to the Center for Social Inclusion. Salamisha blogs for The Nation and her most recent articles can be found there.

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