Medea Benjamin, Helena Cobban, Ann Wright, and Marcy Wheeler Discuss Syria

09/12/13 Mary Glenney
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Today on From a Woman's Point of View, we hear from women who are writers and leaders in their fields. Medea Benjamin, Helena Cobban, Ann Wright, and Marcy Wheeler talk about the crisis in Syria.

Medea Benjamin talks about Syria during a demonstration n in The Capital Mall in Washington D.C.

Medea Benjamin, one of the founders of Code Pink, was reached during a demonstration of immigrant women and their supporters on the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C. The group conducting the demonstration was We Belong Together-Women for common sense and Immigration Change. It was the largest assemblage of immigrant women risking arrest at a protest. Pramila Jayapal relayed to Medea the group's issues. She pointed out that the majority of immigrants in this country are women, many with their children. Medea also updated the Syrian status and talked about Code Pink's joining with MADRE to get solar lanterns for the women in Syria who are facing increased violence and rape. The situation for women in Syria with the bombardments and attacks is very perilous.

Helena Cobban, the founder of Just World News talks about the Russia-Syria deal

Helena Cobban is a writer and researcher on Global affairs. She has specialized on the Middle East with a special interest in Syria for years. She had a regular column for The Christian Science Monitor and is a contributing editor of Boston Review. She writes weekly on Middle East affairs for the Press Service and is the founder of Just World News. She has a blog under the title of just world news. Helena gives her historical background of Syria and discusses the pros and cons of the Russian Syrian deal.

Ann Wright member of Code Pink and a retired Colonel talks about Syria

Ann Wright , a 29 year US Army/Army Reserves veteran who retired as a Colonel and a former US Diplomat who resigned in opposition to the war on Iraq in 2003, talks bout the present Syrian Crisis. In December 2001 Ann was on a small team that reopened the US Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan. Ann is the co-author of the book "Dissent: Voices of Conscience". Ann, a member of Code Pink, was helping to organize protests and meetings in Washington D.C. to President Obama 's seeking authorization for military strikes in Syria. For more information go to codepink and voices of conscience

Marcy Wheeler who writes on [EmptyWheel] ( examines the legal issues for President Obama's seeking authorization for military strikes in Syria

Marcy Wheeler is a noted blogger on legal issues. She writes for many publications including The Nation. She examines the ramifications of President Obama's claims that he only "wants to engage in limited strikes". Using different sources, she points out the many questions and difficulties in this "limited approach". Marcy also questions the vague wording of the AUMF for the President to choose who is aiding the many combatants. Can these groups-perhaps even Nations- be attacked as well?

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