Medicare Proponent Says Paul Ryan Would Be Bad For Program; And Social Conservatives Want to Dump Romney

08/13/12 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to The Last Call. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up we'll talk with Nancy Altman author of The Battle For Social Security. We'll talk about the selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential running mate. Altman is part of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition. She says: "Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate starkly reveals that his values are not America's values. The American people overwhelmingly value our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid systems. In contrast, Representative Ryan's self-proclaimed "Path to Prosperity," would lead to the brick-by-brick dismantling of these vital institutions. It is a path to insecurity for America's working families. It is a path to the further erosion of the middle class. It is a path to the prosperity of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street." Nancy Altman, Co-Chair of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition joins us live.

Later we'll talk with Steve Baldwin of a new group called Dump Romney. In a press release put out over the weekend the group said: "Steve Baldwin, spokesman for a rising "DUMP ROMNEY" insurgency, reacted to the GOP frontrunner's announced running mate this way: "Paul Ryan can't save a doomed ticket. Nobody votes for Veep, a Palin makeover couldn't save McCain, and Ryan can't prettify Romney. Whether we're painting lipstick on a pig or RINO, it's still ugly."

Baldwin, former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy (CNP), an influential conservative organization in Washington, said "People vote for president, not vice president. Like Romney and Obama, Ryan supported TARP, the auto bailouts and raising the debt ceiling. Unlike Romney and Obama, Ryan had the common sense and principles to fight government takeover of health care. Voters are allergic to Mitt Romney. He'd be the worst nominee the GOP has ever offered."

Delegates to the August 27 Republican National Convention here began receiving a strategy memo last week entitled, "DUMP ROMNEY: Why Tampa's Republican Delegates must Dump Romney to Defeat Obama." It contends that no delegates are actually "bound" by law or GOP rules to vote for Romney and that, to win the White House and toss-up Senate seats, delegates must exercise their right to "conscientiously abstain" from Romney on the crucial first ballot, aiming for a stronger ticket leader in subsequent convention voting rounds."

Steve Baldwin joins us live.

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As is typical of Obama and his political machine, they have quickly and with panic, mobilized to portray Paul Ryan as the devil incarnate. I am a woman. I am very involved and invested in this year's election, in this country's direction, and in what my children and grandchildren are going to have left of the wonderful freedoms and balances I and my previous generations have been privy to. No one man can change history unless he has the charisma and political backing to effect that change. Paul Ryan is just a good man who inspires hope at a time when that terrifying possibility exists that that "one man" with the supposed charisma and backing sits now in OUR White House ready to take down everything that is America. Paul Ryan is HOPE - Ryan/Romney is our last hope. NOBAMA.