Meet independent US Senate candidate Chris Borgia

06/22/12 Lisa Marzilli
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Good afternoon and welcome to Last Call. I’m Lisa Marzilli, joined by our engineer Alvaro Montealegre. Today we’re going to meet one of candidates vying to unseat incumbent US Senator Bill Nelson. If you read the papers you’re likely to think there are only 4 candidates in the running, 3 Republicans and Nelson - and if you listen to Connie Mack IV, only two. The reality is that there are 13 qualified candidates currently in the race; 5 of them are write-ins.

Our guest today is not a write-in and will appear on the November ballot. His name is Chris Borgia and he’s running as an independent. He is 33 years old, a native Floridian born in Fort Lauderdale. He attended Florida public schools and received a bachelor's in Political Science from the University of Florida. He’s also a US Army Iraq war veteran. His platform - as you’ll hear - is wide and varied and includes everything from the legalization of marijuana to eliminating all tax breaks for businesses. Chris Borgia, welcome to Last Call… it’s good to have you here…tell us why you are running for Senate.

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