Mr. Altman goes to Afghanistan

06/12/13 Warren Elly
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Warren Elly talks to a Tampa Tribune journalist about Afghanistan and what will happen to it after American supervision.

Today... what's happening in Afghanistan, and perhaps most important..what happens when most US forces pull out next year. Does the country revert back to Taliban control to the way it was before 10 years of war and over 18-thousand U-S personnel wounded, over 2-thousand 2 hundred killed? My guest is 26 year veteran journalist Howard Altman, the Tampa Tribune senior writer and military affairs reporter. Howard is just back from Afghanistan, whee he imbedded with special operations units. Rare Reporting these days, when it seems not only news organizations but the politicians and the American people seem more and more disinterested and weary of America's longest war..they'd just as soon it seems, have it go away quietly. Its a war that some say is not even on our national radar screen.

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