NAACP VP Hilary Shelton on new laws that restrict voter participation

12/15/11 Robert Lorei
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Coming up we’ll talk more about voting restrictions that 25 states have imposed since the 2008 election.

But first two listener comments about yesterday’s discussion of the new TLC program ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM. The cable show has drawn fire from the Tampa based Florida Family Association.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is warning politicians not to pass election laws that benefit themselves and their parties and to draw political districts that reflect voters' interests instead of political interests. Here in Florida Republicans say the voting restrictions they passed this year are to protect the integrity of voting.

Florida's new law puts more restrictions on third party voter registrations and reduces the days of early voting. Critics say it suppresses votes.

Hilary Shelton, Director of the NAACP Washington Bureau and Senior Vice President for Advocacy, is going to be the guest speaker at the Hillsborough NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner, tonight in Tampa.

He was on the trip to Texas this week in which the Attorney General made the speech criticizing changes to the voting laws of the country.

He says the issue of voter suppression is a top issue for the NAACP.

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