National NOW Conference comes to Tampa this weekend

06/23/11 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

The National Organization of Women starts its yearly national conference in Tampa tomorrow morning. In a series of panels and speeches, the event will focus on a range of issues impacting women, including abortion and workers’ rights. Ahead of the conference we caught up with Eleanor Cecil, a board member for NOW’s Tampa chapter, for a preview of the weekend’s events.

Cecil said the list of keynote speakers includes Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor. Some NOW members plan on demonstrating outside US Senator Marco Rubio’s Tampa office tomorrow morning at ten. They’re rallying against proposed cuts in the federal budget that would affect service many women receive. Rubio has been a strong supporter of such cuts.

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Hallelujah! Thank you! This has been my concern all along. I'm a woman and I have been discriminated against in the work place. My salary was much lower than most of the men in my department and now that is reflected in my Social Security check. A single woman could not exist on my Social Security check and I've worked most of my adult life. The war on women MUST STOP.

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uhh.. get married. duh.

Here’s a nice cup of kool-aid for ya…

Hold up Clyde… marriage in an institution and not everyone wants to be institutionalized!!! You hang in there Cathrine. As long as you’re a woman of the “liberal persuasion”… NOW has got your back!!! Unless of course… you’re caught pulling a “Lewinsky” on a democrat politician… then you can go work with the conservative women on breakin that glass ceiling!!! Conservative women have been getting through that barrier by themselves all along and seem to be better at it…

That's odd...

Holy crap... is Pamela Geller showing up at the conference??? Hey NOW... where do you stand on "Justice for Fatima"???

National Organization of Twits...

Yo… N.O.T!!! I found your stance on "Justice for Fatima”…

Blow Iowa up gurl fren!!!

How about it NOW… are you “women” going to support Michele Bachmann for President or what??? I realize she’s not one of your 3 L’s (liberal, leftist or lesbian)… but at least SHE has the cojones to break the ultimate glass ceiling!!! And SHE will probably do it without your help… as usual… when it comes to supporting conservative women by your pack of… “females”… (I couldn’t bring myself to give dogs a bad name)…