National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's senior attorney and ocean director discusses BP oil spill and Musician Eliza Gilkyson shares her new album

04/24/14 Mary Glenney
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Miyoko Sakashita

photo by Center for Biological Diversity

4 yrs after the BP blowout disaster in the Gulf, BP is doing just great! The inhabitants of the Gulf, both in and above the water, not so well. BP’s finances and their restitution efforts are inundating us in the media. The dead and dying dolphins and the embryonic and young of the bluefin tuna have, among other problems, cardiac problems from the toxicity of the contaminants of the spill. People, particularly children, are suffering greatly from it.

But no holds barred, the EPA has allowed BP to apply for permits to resume their drilling in the Gulf. MIYOKO SAKASHITA, Oceans Director, Senior Attorney, Center for Biological Diversity, will discuss the recent findings by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Did you notice the urgency of the pleas in the articles by the environmental community regarding the acceleration of the climate change? Naomi Klein feels the external threats for the climate can only be overcome by the recognition of the internal change necessary by all of us. She points out that we are out of sync with environmental rhythms. When species get out of sync with rhythms, they perish. James Kingsnorth, after 30 years of environmental activism, has given up. He has moved to Ireland and is trying to prepare his children and grandchildren to live with the changing environment.

Many see our reactions to climate change as one of fear and hopelessness, and when people are afraid to this degree, they defend the status quo – politically and socially they move to the right. Michelle Goldberg feels these actions are a contributing factor to progressives responding to the crisis.

After hearing this, do you want to bury yourself in your blanket and not come out until the next millennium? Don’t despair – or at least take ELIZA GILKYSON’s music with you… She has never been afraid to look at life, including the dark side! And having never embraced an external belief system – not a religion, not a philosophy, she has evolved an honest way to tread this path. We talked about her latest CD, “Nocturn Diaries”; it mainly came to her in the middle of the night. She cares about our environment, her grandchildren, the people in her community – loves them in fact—and these beliefs are reflected in her music. She is making the effort to be human in these difficult times.

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