New affordable education plan by Oregon Working Families Party: Attend college for free and pay for others later

08/06/13 Robert Lorei
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Today Radioactivity examines a new way to make college education affordable. This new plan called Pay it Forward is being proposed in Oregon and it would allow students to attend college without paying for it while they are in school. Host Rob Lorei speaks with guest Sami Alloy, an organizer with the Oregon Working Families Party which has been pushing the Pay It Forward campaign.

In Oregon after a campaign led by the state's Working Families Party and students at Portland State University, the state legislature recently passed a bill that instructs the state's Higher Education Coordination Commission to develop a "Pay It Forward, Pay It Back" plan to fund higher education. Under the plan, students pay nothing while in school, then pay a fixed percentage of their income to fund higher education going forward.

Here in the US people graduating or dropping out of college have racked up $1 trillion in student loan debt. For many young people it’s a crisis that will take years to pay off. Listen to the full show above

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