New bicycle and pedestrian segment added to South Tampa Greenway

03/23/12 Olivia Kabat
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Community activists hope Tampa can complete a 16-mile network of pedestrian trails spanning from Bayshore Boulevard to the Gandy Bridge and Picnic Island. The South Tampa Greenway have recently added a new segment on the east side of South Manhattan Avenue at Interbay Boulevard.

Created through the Friendship Trail project, the new one-mile trail offers safe transportation alternatives like biking and walking. Brad Suder, Superintendent for the City of Tampa’s Parks and Recreation Department says the installment of these trails helps to make Tampa more pedestrian-friendly.

“We’re starting to get that connectivity that we’re really reaching out through the Greenway and Trails master plan to connect parks, communities, neighborhoods, and schools.”

Suder says the trail, designed by Volkert & Associates, attracts people of all ages for varying use. It also serves as a direct link to Bobby Hicks Park and Robinson High school.

“This is a ten foot wide section of asphalt trail and it runs along the right-of-way of Manhattan Avenue. It’s also treed, there’s a lot of existing trees along the trail but we also installed several different species of trees.”

Suder said the Manhattan Avenue Segment opened to the public on February 29th. The total cost of the project was $500,000.

“It was funded through the Florida Department of Transportation with the way we have it set up with some of our agreements within in the city. We have an agreement, once we construct the trail and as long as it’s done per the specks that were approved they will reimburse the city for that. So it really opens up another mode of transportation or method to get where you want to go to without getting in your car.”

The Manhattan Trail Segment will connect to other trails in the future as the Friendship Trail program expands.

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